Dr. Urvi Joshi (Dentist) +91 9067091241    drurvi@yahoo.com

Dr. Anish Joshi (Critical Care Specialist)   +91 9898539059   dranishjoshi@yahoo.com

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Dental Treatments

From Scaling and Root canal treatment to Dentures and Extraction, we provide all kind of dental treatment and facilities.

Adult Vaccination

Adult immunization, one of the most beneficial and cost-effective disease prevention measures, is done by taking adult vaccines.

Critical Care Services

24 x 7 service is provided to patient with care of very high risk & critically ill patients which require ICU care.

Meet our Medical Specialists

MD, FNB Critical Care, IDCC, FCCP (USA), Fellow of College of Critical Care Medicine

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Dr. Anish Joshi

Critical Care Specialist


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Dr. Urvi Joshi

Dental Surgeon


Dr. Aasif Saiyed

Assistant Doctor